Reiki _ alternative_therapies_warringtonStress is reported by leading dermatologists to affect the skin by exacerbating acne, dryness, rosacea, eczema, sensitivity, redness of the skin and wrinkles.  Wrinkles may appear in the form of a deep furrow between the brows or worry lines across the forehead.  The effects of stress may also be felt in the neck and shoulder areas which may feel tense, sore and tight.

A Reiki Energy Facial helps towards the reduction of your stress and its effects on you and your skin. A Reiki Energy Facial combines the power of Reiki with energy healing.

Like a traditional facial, there is soothing music and candles, but there is no need for the conventional approach of massaging creams into the skin. The creams are replaced by restorative healing energy which specifically targets the areas of your face, neck and shoulders crying out for assistance. Healing Reiki energy is directed by lightly placing the finger tips on or above the area in need and you may occasionally feel a slight tingling or warmth from the energy being delivered.

The outer energy field (aura) can often change depending on how we feel. If we are feeling angry or sad it will contract.  The Reiki and Energy Facial includes energy healing of this energy field in the head and shoulder area helping you to  feel calmer and more relaxed after your treatment.

A Reiki Energy Facial offers you the opportunity to feel relaxed and soothed, so helping in reducing your stress and its effect on your skin

Reiki and Energy Facial in Culcheth, Warrington is currently £25 and the appointment lasts for around 30 to 45 minutes. Contact me to make an appointment