People often inform me that they find it difficult to meditate as they simply cannot think of nothing. This form of mindfulness meditation can be very difficult, especially if you are going through a more challenging period in your life and are anxious or stressed.

Rather than simply trying not to think of anything there are easier forms of meditation such as:

  • A visualisation such as the colour meditation below
  • A mantra, Mantra means “mind vehicle” and it is where you just focus and chant on one or a couple of words. If you look at my Facebook page there are a variety of short mantras to choose from.

Meditation allows you to focus your mind away from your everyday concerns and mind chatter. Meditation is just a tool to help you relax so mix it up and have some fun. It is finding a style which suits you and this may change overtime.

Colour Meditation

can't meditateI thought it would be beneficial to do a colour meditation as our energy centres (chakras) and our aura are made up of a variety of colours. Every colour vibrates at its own energy frequency or level.

Many spiritual teachers use colour meditations in their teachings. However, when I am meditating I personally like to associate each colour with flowers, as flowers have such beautiful auras. In the mediation I have included a few popular and well known flowers.

Get yourself comfy, close your eyes and relax

Take several deep breaths

Imagine it is a warm summer’s day and you are sitting on a soft, comfy bench in a beautiful garden. The sun is out and you are wearing your favourite summer clothes. If you fancy remove your shoes and place your feet onto the warm grass.

As you look at the sky above it is a lovely clear blue. You notice a cloud passing by and you can sense it is taking your worries with it.

Breathe in the summer air and feel yourself relax. Now breathe out your old, unwanted energy, thoughts and tension. Watch the unwanted old energy as it released from you and goes on its way.

Breathe in again the healing summer energy and breathe out and let go of your old unwanted energy.

A huge rainbow appears, sparkling in the sky. Its base starts in the garden and you know it’s a magical sign to say that all is well and things are looking up. The universe is taking care of you.

Breathe in the beautiful red coloured light of the rainbow. All around you the red roses in the garden seem to become bigger and more vibrant in colour. As their red, loving, soft energy surrounds you, the roses let you know that they are helping you. Breathe out your unwanted concerns, you are beginning to feel safer and more loved.

Now breathe in the second colour of the rainbow, the colour orange. This time the orange flowers in the garden become brighter and you can feel their vitality, their abundance and joy. Fill yourself with their energy and breathe out and release any unwanted tension.

Breathe in the yellow light of the rainbow. The yellow sunflowers are raising their heads to the sky telling you to hold your head high. All around them are swirls of bright yellow light, in the grass the yellow buttercups dance. Yellow flowers all over the garden are sending you their healing energy, their warmth and love. You feel at ease.

Breathe in the green light of the rainbow. This time all the trees flutter their green leaves, as if trying to speak to you, letting you know that you need this time out, time for you. That you need to love yourself more. The luscious green grass is inviting you to plant your feet firmly on it so that it can soothe your feet and help heal them. As you breathe out you feel calmer and more relaxed.

Now breathe in the blue coloured light of the rainbow. This time the summer sky above you becomes a more radiant blue, that of a perfect summer’s day. The garden suddenly appears filled with blue flowers. Breathe in this beautiful, supportive blue light and feel it wash away your care and concerns, soothing you as you breathe out.

Breathe in the indigo light of the rainbow. The indigo flowers are radiating their love to you and their healing powers as they connect to the universe and the other plants around them. They are rejoicing in the knowledge you are wanting to learn new things and expand your soul. You sense their tenderness as you breathe out.

Lastly breathe in the violet of the rainbow, the last colour of the rainbow. Its energy unites with all the violet flowers of the garden and the garden appears to be full of the colour violet. You feel at one with the ground, the plants, the sky and the birds. You breathe out, release and let go.

The sun now pours its light onto your head and you feel its light radiate over your face, over your shoulders and down your body until its energy flows over your feet. You are covered in gold sunlight and are totally protected.

Feel the warmth of the sun, feel its healing and nurturing energy.

Today is a special day full of light and joy. The sun lets you know that when you are ready you can open your eyes.