Awful atmosphere at work?  Unpleasant working environment?   Bad atmosphere at home?  Surrounded by negative people?  Hard day?

Sometimes in life there are times when we just seem to be surrounded by people who are determined to spread their unhappiness and negativity onto us. Unfortunately, no matter how hard we try their mood and constant negative energy begins to impact on us, getting us down, making us feel tired or even unwell.

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We all have surrounding our bodies an energy field,  known as the aura, which can absorb and emit energy. It is in constant movement and reflects our mood, emotions and wellbeing.

In fact, every time you are in contact with somebody there is an energy exchange; you give them some  energy and they give some to you. Therefore everybody you meet has an ability to affect your energy.

Unfortunately, you can become affected by the negative energy of those people around you, in your home and place of work as you can build up a lot of “energy debris”.



Feel better

Below are some simple techniques to help you reduce the effects of negative people and situations on you and your energy field:


  1. As a healer I often see clients who are feeling unwell, sad, depressed or anxious.  I often have a warm, deep bath at the end of a particularly long day and find this helps my energy and outlook tremendously.
  2. I call this the “flannel technique” and try and do this outdoors if the weather permits. If indoors stand in the middle of the room rather than the corner where energy stagnates. As your energy field totally surrounds your body you need to pay attention to your head, front, back, hands and feet. You need to imagine your hand is a flannel or small cloth. Now hold your “flannel hand” just above your head. Wipe the air a few inches away from the outside of your body; or where you intuitively feel. When you come to your hands wipe down the air outside the hand area and then as you get to the fingertips pull the air together as if pulling together the neck of a paper bag. Now throw this old, unwanted energy away. Carry on down the rest of your body. As you come to the feet grab together the air under the feet, as if again you were pulling together the neck of a bag and throw this energy away. If  indoors now open the windows.
  3. Use the power of the mind and imagine a light over your head. Gradually imagine this light is going down your body, down to and under your feet and sealing itself there.
  4. Crystals can also help your energy field. Amethyst, blood stone, quartz and tourmaline can be beneficial. Remember, as crystals absorb energy themselves to cleanse them before and during use. Running under cold water and leaving on a windowsill is a quick and easy way.
  5. Green is an effective colour for healing and helps to keep you calm. Wear green coloured clothes and/or when meditating visualise you are breathing in green light and breathing out your unwanted negative energy. If you believe in Angels feel comforted that green is the healing colour of Archangel Raphael.

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Life will get better and sometimes getting away from the situation by going for a walk can help tremendously. It is important to look after your health, wellbeing and find happiness in more positive energy by spending time with the  hobbies, people and pets you love.