Can’t get motivated? Lacking confidence? Lacking energy? Feeling a little unloved? Sometimes you may feel a lack of in your life and need a little help.

Our body contains energy; often called chi or prana. This energy is absorbed by seven main spinning energy centres (chakras); which then send the energy along the body’s energy channels (meridians). The chakras are of various colours and are believed to connect to and govern our endocrine system. When our energy is free flowing we feel energised, vibrant and full of life. However, when the chakras become blocked or closed this can affect our wellbeing; emotionally, physically and spiritually.

The Seven Main Energy Chakras

The seven major energy centres are therefore receiving and radiating energy, which is why their wellbeing is so important to you. They can be found from the base of your spine to the crown of your head.

the seven main energy chakras

The body’s main energy centres


Each chakra energy centre is said to be associated with a specific colour and energy vibration. Each chakra can therefore be assisted by using a simple sound mantra. A mantra is a Sanskrit word literally meaning “mind vehicle”. It is a sound, word or group of words believed to help in transformation or healing. Mantras can and are often used to help heal the energy centres.

First look at which area of your life you may be needing a little assistance with, see which energy centre is associated with this and then find the vibrational sound for this energy centre. Now simple sit comfortably for around 15 to 20 minutes just chanting (saying loudly repeatedly) the sound mantra.

Using Sound To Help Heal You


 Life Area 1:   Earthly issues such as: money, shelter, subsistence, survival, connection to family
Chakra: Base (Root) Chakra located at base of your spine
Colour:  Red
Vibrational Sound Mantra: LAM
Life Area 2:  Emotions, desires, sexuality, birthing new ideas and relationships
Chakra: Sacral Chakra located 2-3 fingers width below your navel
Colour:  Orange
Vibrational Sound Mantra: VAM
 Life Area 3:   Power, willpower, confidence, self esteem, transformation
Chakra: Solar Plexus Chakra located between the navel area, just below the ribcage
Colour:  Yellow
Vibrational Sound Mantra: RAM
 Life Area 4:   Peace, love, self-love, compassion, harmony, forgiveness (believed to link between your mind, body and soul)
Chakra: Heart Chakra located parallel to the heart
Colour:  Green
Vibrational Sound Mantra: YAM
 Life Area 5:   Expression, communication, expressing our true opinion
Chakra: Throat Chakra
Colour:  Light Blue
Vibrational Sound Mantra: HAM
 Life Area 6:   Intuition, divine decision making, clairvoyance
Chakra: Third Eye Chakra located between the eyebrows and just above the bridge of the nose
Colour:  Indigo
Vibrational Sound Mantra: SHAM (or OM)
 Life Area 7:   Connection to the universe and life in general
Chakra: Crown Chakra or the “Thousand Petaled Lotus” which is found at the top of the head. This is where the light energy is  received and then dispersed
Colour:  Violet
Vibrational Sound Mantra: OM or silence


what are chakras

The vibrational sounds of these mantras are believed to help the energy centres in their wellbeing, to ensure their functioning and allow the energy to be received within them and then dispersed around the body.

During the mantra chanting take time to sit still and relax. It is time for you to clear your mind of its day to day chatter and allow your body time to recuperate. A time to reduce the effects of any stress or anxiety on you, both emotionally and physically.

Please note: If you have health concerns it is important to seek the help and advice of the medical profession.