This is an introductory course on crystals for the beginner who is interested in buying a crystal to those looking to work more closely with their crystals.

On the day we will be covering: crystal training workshop course Warrington

Introduction to crystals
Choosing crystals
Cleansing, charging and programming crystals.
Storing crystals
Crystals for love, protection and connection to the Angelic realms
Crystals for healing
Crystal pendulums
Crystal essences and remedies
Crystal grids

Meditation with crystals


The word crystal now is commonly used to cover all stones and metals that have healing properties. As crystals come in such an array of colours, sizes, shapes and prices, it is often bewildering how to choose one. Often a good starting point is to know what you want your crystal for. Some people choose them for their decorative qualities, to brighten up their home or office surroundings. Others may use them for divination and readings.

Everything has an aura, or energy field – you, I, an animal, a tree, a flower, a child’s swing, a chimney pot and crystals. Crystals hold and give off energy which means some people seek them for their healing properties, such as healing and protecting themselves against negative Wi-Fi energies.

Once you have a crystal, you will want to keep its energy bright and vibrant through cleansing. There are some simple methods and it is choosing one that is right for you and your crystal.

This workshop allows you to delve more into the world of crystals with like-minded people. It is a relaxed day with plenty of opportunities to ask questions. We will naturally be including a meditation with crystals.

The price for the course is £45 and this includes training, course material and refreshments. You simply need to bring your own lunch and a pen.

The course is being held in my home therapy/training room in Culcheth. Places are limited so prepayment is needed.

To book your place or if you need further information please call me on 07931 337 941

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